Therapy Techniques

Physiotherapy techniques

Soft Tissue Mobilisation

The goal of soft tissue manipulation is to reset the flexibility and mobility of morbidly stretched muscle or fascia and so to improve the locomotor functions. Trigger point therapy is also included in this treatment area. Trigger points are knots in the muscle which painfully stretch the whole fascia, causing local and radial pain (myofascial pain). Through the treatment, we use mechanical manipulation and pressure after properly preparing the fascia.


Physiotherapy is a set of healing exercises coupled with other mechanical energy treatments. It can provide a solution to most locomotor problems. It is also helpful in coping with stress, anxiety, and emotional problems. Tailor made physiotherapy exercises can be performed for health preservation and rehabilitation. It seeks to look at a person in totality, taking into consideration the body, its soul, the mind and also the general environment. Physiotherapy can be applied in almost all ages and all conditions.  It is available for individuals or for groups.

Manual Therapy

A test and therapy technique aimed at restoring and improving the locomotor system that applies a wide range of manual techniques. First of all it works on the spine, limb muscles and fascias and impacts the individuals joints, but also it applies grips directly to the joints. The main aim of manual therapy is to reset the muscular balance and function. The treatment is extended with special exercises.

McKenzie Therapy


The Mckenzie exercise is a test and therapy technique viewed as a conservative treatment for a spinal hernia (and other associated problems of the spine). The treatment is customised to the patient and needs the active cooperation of the patient to be successful. The main aim is for the patient to recognize his/her problems, their symptoms and the impact on the body. This way he/she can be independent from the physiotherapist and self-treat at home based on education. To prevent the reoccurrence of symptoms we provide ergonomic advice.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape is a special elastic textile tape that provides a special effective mechanism if applied correctly. Usually, the fascia can be carefully moved (the strong connective tissue between the muscle and organs) and if done correctly the self-healing function of the body is stimulated and starts. The local circulation improves, the pain reduces and the functional movement improves too. As an added therapy, the Kinesio Tape is an extremely effective treatment as it does not limit movement but reduces pain and is effective 24 hours a day. We can extend the effect of exercise by using the tape.

Lymph Therapy

Lymphedema therapy is used for prevention if someone is prone to suffering from the effects of Lymphedema or as a direct solution when it is already a problem. Lymphedema is a build up of excess liquid due to ineffective function, or faults within the lymphatic system. It can also result from injuries or following surgery. Lymph therapy reduces symptoms (so it is not a solution therapy), as the massage helps open the lymph pathways and helps move the liquid away from the affected areas. Therapy Areas: manual lymph massage, compression bandage and circulation improving exercises.