Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy
Move better, live better!


Backache can make many people’s life difficult.  The best treatment for it is physiotherapy.

Hip Pain

A healthy hip is an absolute must for a stable, smooth, and easy gait whilst walking.

Shoulder Problems

There is a heavy burden on our shoulders.  A stable and flexible shoulder, however, can take it all.

Neck Pain

People who work whilst sitting often suffer from a painful tightness of the neck.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is the most effective way to treat and prevent problems related to the locomotor system.

  • McKenzie Therapy

    A crucially important procedure when treating a spinal hernia. With this method cartilage disc hernia’s forming at any part of the spine can be treated.

  • Locomotor Condition Analysis

    The basis of this is thorough questioning, and a detailed condition analysis. It also includes a digital posture test.

  • Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

    This treatment is mildly painful as we are working on connective tissue that is stuck and stiff around the trigger points. It is an extremely effective treatment.

  • Kinesio Tape

    Also known as a 24 hour information therapy. An excellent additional therapy when treating locomotor problems.

  • Manual Therapy

    With the help of this treatment joint blocks are eased, connective tissue loosens and it aids rapid recovery.

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